Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We have TEETH!

As you can see from the picture, Jadyn is doing a great job pulling up on things. She pulls up and even let's go for a couple seconds. I can't even imagine her walking. We are still weeks to months away from that but I know it'll be here before we know it. Mid September I found a tooth (bottom) in Jadyn's mouth and 1 week later a second one sprouted. She looks super cute with her two bottom teeth poking through.

8 months was such a busy month for us... crawling, clapping, teeth, pulling up.... so much!

Jadyn's neurosurg appointment was reschedule and yet again, rescheduled. We don't have an appointment until November 9th now which is 1 week after her 10 month birthday. Thank goodness she is doing so well so I don't feel uncomfortable waiting until then. Technically she was supposed to get follow up on at 9 months. I guess the neurosurgery business is busy these days.

October brings a little chaos to our lives for a couple weeks but it's not for too long. I start working 4 days a week starting on Monday. It's PPD and flu shot season. Make sure you get your flu shot!!! We are excited for Jadyn's first halloween but I don't want to rush October by.

Tomorrow is Jadyn's 9 month birthday, 9/30. Can't believe how fast it flew by...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Crawling and Clapping at 8 months old

I haven't updated lately because everything has been fairly ordinary but for those who still check in from time to time I figured I would update a little bit. Jadyn turned 8 months on August 30 ,2010. On Sunday, August 29th she started crawling. She worked on this crawling thing for a month or more. She would roll and scoot everywhere but didn't understand the crawling business. Last week she finally got it and then she started clapping to go along with it. Now she doesn't open one of her hands but I still consider it clapping. It's cute. Whenever I tell her no, she goes into a clap. She likes to divert the "no" into something good I guess so I'll forget about the "no." Smart cookie!

The first week in August we took our first (and only so far) family vacation to Ocean City, MD. We go every year with friends around the same time. Jadyn seemed to have a good time in the sand and water. Thank goodness for her kiddie pool which she spent most time in. I did let her into the sand a bit but she just wanted to get her hands sandy then eat it. Once she started coughing, I decided we were done with the sand. We visited the boardwalk twice and got her first OCMD t-shirt.

I'm playing single mommy this week as Jayson has left us for OCMD (training?? he says!). Thank goodness it's only two full days and he'll return on Friday sometime.

Jadyn is sleeping and I feel like I should be too but I go back to work tomorrow after having a nice 5 days off. I took an extended holiday weekend which has been nice.

We took Jadyn to Honeygo Park yesterday and she had her first experience on the swing. They have two baby/toddler swings with that wraps around the front of the kid too. It was great. She loved it. I decided that both sets of grandparents will now need to get her a swing since we don't have a backyard for it.

Our next well baby appointment for 9 months will be here before we know it... Oct. 4th. I start back to work 4 days a week for Oct/Nov and probably some December . It's the busy season at KKI. Jadyn next neurosurg appointment is Oct. 12th and I'm already (yes, as always!!) dreading it. It's been so nice to have 3 months off and I know we still have 1 month to go but it's more than half way there so I guess my nervousness is starting to kick in. She is doing so well and even ahead of some other kiddos her age so we are blessed by that.