Wednesday, May 4, 2011

16 months and growing like a weed

Jadyn turned 16 months on Saturday, April 30th. Time is sure flying, as always. Not only can’t I believe she is 16 months old now… but it’s already MAY?!?!?!?! I’m happy the weather is getting warm and I’m excited for a fun-filled summer but really… I can wait a little bit longer.
April went by too fast for us. We celebrated lots of birthdays including my Dad’s, brother’s, grandmother’s, grandfather’s and Jay’s grandfather too. Talk about an expense! We went to Opening Day on Monday, April 4th where the Baltimore Orioles shinned. They continued to shine for a minute before they went back into their old ways, lol. What else is new? Thank goodness for the Ravens J
Jadyn picked up some speed in April and started some running. She still is wobbly a bit on her feet and running scares me! I just know sooner or later it’ll be a really bad tumble. She looks like a little tomboy with all the bruises, cuts and scrapes she has on her legs from playing outside at Na-Na’s. A couple bumps to the head too here and there.
Her 2nd Easter came and went. It was such a gorgeous day in Baltimore. We started off with our 1st egg hunt with Bryce at Na-Na’s and moved to our second at Jay’s parents house. Jadyn wasn’t too much into it once she heard the change in the first egg. She just rather shake one egg than get any more of them. We visited my family for dinner and ended up at Jay’s grandparents. Needless to say, another busy holiday it was. Jadyn collected presents everywhere we went and ended up with MORE stuff we don’t know where to put J. I busted out the spring/summer clothes and washed them up for the rare days it gets to the high 70s/80s. She has a couple 2T outfits but for the most part, I went with 3T so it’ll last us the summer.
She visited the Zoo last Friday for the first time and didn’t seem to be too impressed. Anything that causes her to fit in the stroller for a long period of time doesn’t interest her. She wanted to run free. We have a membership for the year so we’ll be visiting quite frequently when the weather gets a little better here.
Her 15th month well baby appointment was actually at 16 months. She had two shots which she did great with b/c she was reading a book, lol. She weighed in at 30 pounds 6 ounces, length is almost 34.5 inches and head circumference was about 97 or so, where it has been staying. I was a little worried about the head circumference because that is our determining factor of surgery these days. Her soft spot has almost completely closed so that kills me too. I have checked that spot everyday for 16 months and now it’s so small to check. Everything is proportionate so nothing is really concerning. Although the doc did mention checking her growth hormone in the future if she continues to be THIS large. I wasn’t concerned because I know Jadyn isn’t really abnormal. She doesn’t look like the Green Giant but I decided to take a poll on my mom chat board to verify I wasn’t the only one with a large toddler. I was correct…. Jadyn actually seems slightly small compared to some of those other toddlers. I took it with a grain of salt and told Jayson to do the same thing. I refuse to have her stuck for blood when I don’t think it’s necessary.
We are visiting my aunt and her family in Ga. in the middle of May. We are all looking forward to a little vacation and family time. We have plans to visit the Atlanta Zoo , do a little shopping and get in a Braves game too. This trip is LONG overdue as it was planned when I was 20 weeks pregnant which was right after I found out about Jadyn’s health concerns. We had to cancel it to take care of issues at home. Unfortunately, it has taken us a long time to get back but we are.
Jadyn is definitely increasing her vocabulary. She repeats a lot of words you say to her and most seem correct, lol. It’s cute.
Hope everyone have a fantastic May! Happy Mother’s Day.