Thursday, July 21, 2011

18 months and some

It's been busy the last month but I meant to update after Jadyn's 18 month pedi appointment. Obviously, I never got around to it. I'm waiting for my Target coupons to print so I figured I'd do this real fast. By the way, do you know that Target accepts their coupons they put on their website paired with the manufacturers? It's a great deal. :-)
Anyway, Jadyn is doing well. She is hitting some terribly twos situations early like throwing her sippy cup off the high chair, taking fists full of food and dropping it over the side of her tray, begging to be held for no reason, a couple hits have been noticed, not wanting to take a mid-day nap, crawling out of her pack and play and attempting the crib, etc.... All the fun stuff of toddlerhood. She didn't gain any weight from 16-18 but she did grow 2.5 inches. She is a tall one already. Her food intake has decreased because everyday she likes or doesn't like something. Tonight was hotdogs and mac and cheese. She LOVES mac and cheese. Ate it for three lunches in a row a few weeks ago. Did she eat it tonight? Nope... wouldn't take a fork full at all. So whatever... she at least ate her entire hotdog, cut into tiny pieces of course ;-)
It's been a hot week in Baltimore. Tonight its like 98 degrees and 90% humidity. It's nuts.
We leave for our annual family trip to OCMD in the next few weeks. We are looking forward to it but I'm sad it's coming up so soon. When we return from the vacation it seems summer is only a few weeks left. I hate the cold and winter...however, I'm not really a fan of staying indoors because it's 101 degrees outside either.
We have Jadyn's next neurosurg appt on Tuesday, August 9th (I think that's the correct date). I'm anxious already. I just hope it's a quick head circumference check, development is in check and out the door with a follow up appointment in 6-12 months. That's wishful thinking but it could happen. She is doing great. No issues from the pedi except we need to work on 2 work phrases. She talks a lot and has a fair amount of words but doesn't put two words together. I try to get her to say them before giving her sippy cup or anything else but she doesn't. She will say "sippy" and then I said ok, say please... and she'll say please. I'll try to say ok, say sippy please and she says something that MIGHT sound like it but not really, lol. I'm not sure what else to do at this point besides continuing working with her. I guess she'll start when she is ready.
Other news in our world is someone convinced me to buy a boat so the Cox's are offically boat owners. I'm not sure what kind of magic Jayson worked on me but I'm still questioning if I actually said "sure." It's nice but a lot of money goes into it not to mention the 3.50 a gallon gas these days. We haven't been out on it too much b/c July has been busy but we did get out last week for an event called Aquapalooza which was fun. We are heading out this weekend too but not too far... just for some lunch and some water relaxation. Jadyn isn't too hip on it yet and is a little too small to enjoy the day so she will stay with her grandparents for a few hours.
Well my coupons are done printing and I'm beat from getting up so early so it's time to turn in. Hope everyone is having a fabulous summer.