Saturday, July 21, 2012

30 Months and a Secret

Happy Summer! Jadyn turned 30 months which is 2.5 years old on June 30th! She had her 30 month pedi appointment to check on her development, height, weight and all that good stuff. It went well. She of course is staying in the larger percentiles, like 97? for height and weight but thankfully not off the charts like she had been. We didn't get any lectures this time about overeating or anything. We found out she is a rather smart cookie but we already knew that. We discussed in detail potty training. Jadyn showed interested in using the potty many many months ago. So, we bought her a potty seat and she used it like 2-3 times and never would touch it again. I wasn't really pushing the issue because there wasn't a huge need only being like 2 years old. Somewhere in June I did start getting irritated at her though because she would tell me AFTER she soiled her diaper that she had peed or pooped. We can always spot a poop because she is a famous squater. I finally took her diaper off and left it off and we had several accidents 1 day so I put it back on. I tried another day and it didn't work either. I decided to just wait it out a little longer. After her pedi appointment I stopped in the ladies room for myself and decided I would see if she could try too... wouldn't hurt and sure enough.. she went! Later in the day she actually told me she needed to go and so... she went again on the potty. That day, Friday July 6th started Jadyn's offical potty training. We just passed the 2 week mark last Friday and it's going rather well. I'm happy to be only using diapers at naps and bedtime and sometimes-very rare but still... she doesn't soil the diaper! I haven't really looked at this process like wow... my little girl is growing up until right now. I guess it's bittersweet that we've moved out of the diapers but it's something that has to happen.

As mentioned above, there is also a secret to tell. Yup....there it is. Mama is pregnant with Baby Boy Cox due October 26, 2012. What a big decision to make to have another child. It's exciting and overwhelming at the same time. I was 26 weeks on Friday. I actually couldn't remember if I was 25 or 26 because I haven't been keeping great track of it. I secretly want to forget about it for awhile because I'm overwhelmed with everything we have to do before baby which is probably why I lost track of my weeks. The problem is he is a little kicker and mover so I don't forget about it too long and the growing belly doesn't help either. I'm trying to get in all the sleep I can. Jadyn hasn't been helping me with that either. My little sleeper has been waking up earlier and earlier every day. We talk about her baby brother and I try to get her to feel him kick but she puts her hand on my belly for a quick second and says "He kicked me" laughs and moves it. She really won't talk about it unless someone brings it up. She just wants to climb all over my like she is used to and doesn't care he is in there, lol.

We took Jadyn to Disney World in June. We weren't really sure what to do for a family vacation and Disney kept sending me emails and mailings about free dining if we booked before a certain time so we ended up heading to Orlando for 5 days. Talk about a HOT week. I thought we'd be spared a little bit because it was early June but it was one hot week in Orlando and of course-rain came everyday. Jadyn enjoyed the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. We bought a park hopper for 4 days thinking we'd have lots of time but that isn't the case with a toddler. We only got to 2 parks to really do stuff and we swung into Hollywood Studios one evening after a rainy day for basically dinner and to watch Fantasmic show.  I got some really great pictures of her with some Disney characters. It wasn't all fun though... she of course was your average 29 month old in 90 + degree weather who got cranky, impatient and everything else. Although we had a fairly decent time, we'll probably not take our 2nd Disney trip until little buddy is at least 3 years old. we'll try to avoid a summer month too.

Friday, March 30, 2012

2nd Year Neuro Follow Up

A lot has happened since Christmas and New Years. Jadyn got her cast off on Jan. 3rd and that was great. Thankfully it only had to be unraveled instead of being cut. We made sure to pick that cast because that saw would scare anybody. Her wrist was healed enough for the doctor to leave off the cast so off we went being very careful but Jadyn didn't even miss a beat. Never knew she had it on and never talked about it again. We had a busy January between birthday parties almost every weekend. One of them was Jadyn's bounce party rescheduled. She had about as much fun as a 2 year old with a 104 degree temperature would :-( I know... our luck stinks, lol. On Friday afternoon before her party she woke up from her nap with a high fever but not really feeling bad at all. Saturday was a different story. Snotty, congested, coughing, and fever. You could tell she didn't feel well either. I loaded her up with Motrin and Tylenol because the party had to go on and off we went.
That weekend we had bought tickets to the Raven's game in New England (horrible and very sad loss) so Jadyn stayed with her grandparents while we made the 6 hour drive to Boston. Her fever didn't really go away the entire weekend so we had to make a trip to the doctors when we returned and she was diagnosed with RSV. Her first diagnosis with RSV-not too bad. She ended up getting better and things were back to normal.
I had never gotten an appointment in the mail for her 2 year old neuro check up so I decided to email the doc to see what was the deal. I ended up making the appointment but it wouldn't be until March.
In the meantime, Jadyn did have her 2 year old pedi appointment and that went well. She was on track/target with all her developmental milestones. She is tall, heavy, and just an overall large child. We did get a small lecture about her weight but both Jayson and I knew the tech did not get an accurate weight so we weren't really that concerned. We don't feel her every second of the day-although she would be in heaven if we did. We cut back on milk and switched to 1-2% depending on what we buy.
Can't remember much of Feb. I guess it was rather uneventful. On came March and not much happened there either, lol. We finally had her neuro appointment on March 20th and it went well. Our doc was very pleased with Jadyn's progression and thinks she is doing well (obviously-that isn't even a question!). Her head circumference is fine and he doesn't think another 6 month visit is really necessary as long as we stay on top of any signs/symptoms of increased cranial pressure-which is always in the back of my mind. I'll have to make an appointment after her 3rd birthday to visit the clinic again.
We booked a Disney vacation for the 2nd week in June. I'm excited to go since we haven't been since 2005 when just Jayson and I went. I know Jadyn will really enjoy the trip although she'll only be 2.5 years old. We are staying at a Disney value resorts and bought 4 days worth of park tickets. I sure hope the weather is nice.
We are looking forward to nice weather to stay around in Baltimore. Happy Easter!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy 2012 and Happy 2nd Year!

Christmas Eve 2011
So 2011 has come and gone in an instant. It doesn't even seem possible. I feel like once August hit I couldn't get it to slow down and I kept trying to stop the months from moving into the next. Didn't work :-) So, we had to welcome 2012 whether we like it or not. I prefer not to like it. I mean, did it get here so fast? Geez... I remember New Year's 2000 when we thought nothing would work at 12 mn!
Anyway, I'll move on and share the exciting news that Jadyn is cast-free finally. She had it removed Tuesday afternoon. Thankfully a lot of healing had taken place in 3 weeks so she was free to leave without and has picked up where she left off, which is great. I was so happy to put her into the tub Tuesday evening for a nice long soak. The cast was so yucky and smelly. That is what happens when a 2 year old has a cast and shoves chicken nuggets and hot dogs down the top of it.

Christmas Day 2011
Showing off her purple Raven's Cast
The birthday party has successfully been rescheduled so that's a plus. Jadyn also turned 2 years old last week which was super exciting too! We took her to the Science Center during the day, had lunch at the Inner Harbor and had a small family party at our house Friday evening. Of course Jadyn was extremely happy to open presents once again. She got MORE stuff that doesn't have room in our house. Me and Jayson are slowly getting moved out because Jadyn's CRAP is taking over. Hopefully we'll get our basement room in order soon so it'll be our playroom.
I moved her 2 year pedi appointment from her birthday to another day just in case her vaccines caused any issues. I didn't want anything to mess up her birthday party scheduled for 12/31 (well... the cast did just that!). So anyway, we go next week for her 2 year old check up. I guess I should also say that we have not received our neurosurg follow up appointment for after her 2nd birthday. I've been putting it off but I guess I should call and remind them they forgot our appointment. All seems to be well though with Jadyn so hopefully they feel the same.
January is going to be over in a snap I know. We have every single Saturday booked right now with activities and now already the 1st weekend in February too.
I guess that's about it for now.