Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Baby's Room

Yes, I'm still calling her Baby! It's her name for right now. I don't even want to say again that we don't have a name but we don't. With about 2 to 2.5 weeks to go it won't be long until we don't have much of a choice anymore. She'll eventually get a name even if it's once she comes out. She likes "baby" though! hehe!
Just to update... I did get an email back from the neurosurg who said delivery would be good about 36 weeks. I turn 36 weeks on December 9th. That's two weeks away from tomorrow, Nov. 26th. That's really close for those don't realize it! Very, very close. I hope she continues to pick up weight nicely so she'll be a nice weight when she comes out. He said he is fine with whichever delivery method the OBs feels comfortable with since her head remains below 40 weeks. That was a plus. I'd like to try vaginally before going for a c-section but I guess we'll see. After realizing it's so close, I'd like to push for 38 weeks but I don't get a say in this matter unfortunately. But at times when my skin doesn't feel like it'll stretch anymore, my ankles are now swelling and I can't hardly sleep for longer than a couple hours, I say...maybe 36 weeks isn't THAT bad, lol. I've finally developed some swelling. I guess I've been rather lucky to just pick it up about 8.5 months along. My ankles get swollen at the end of the day. My face was a little swollen over the weekend after laying in bed for a very long time. It was so nice though because I know those days are coming to an end. My fingers still remain fine which is great.

I wanted to post some pictures of her room. We finally had Stacie finish up.. or at least finish up for now. The picture to the left is above the closet and it has lady bugs across the top. They are super cute and my favorite design in the bedroom.

This picture is the wall with the window (obviously). We painted a shelf and hung it. Stacie painted three flowers above it to match the quilt/bedding. I thought it might look like a flower box. Either way, it's cute, lol. Two more little lady bugs opposite colors are above the window. I've been going back and forth about a valance. I just can't decide.

This next picture is the other side of that wall where the glider goes. Above the glider we found the cutest saying "Some people dream of Angels I hold one in my arms." How cute is that?? I thought it worked perfectly on that wall since we didn't have much to go there.. and it's right above the glider too.

Aunt Jennie bought us this cute saying picture. I hung it above the door. It didn't quite match colors but I had to put it somewhere. Above the door fit perfectly. It says " Life is not a matter of milestones, but of Moments." Considering we have no idea what we are dealing with, I thought it fit us perfectly.

This is a picture of the two butterflies above the crib. I want to put her name rounded above the crib. We have to figure that name out before I can get the letters. Originally i wanted it painted but me and Stacie both realized semi-gloss on semi-gloss isn't the best combo so I'm going to just buy letters. I wanted to be a little more creative since the rest of the room is painted but it looks like store-bought letters it is. They will be white and I'm going to leave them plain white unless they don't stand out enough.

So there you have it.. the room still needs a little work. A couple spots still look bare but I've bugged Stacie enough two weeks in a row. I told her she could have a break and when she comes to see baby, she can throw a couple more butterflies on the wall to fill in bare spots. The Cox family would like to give a great big THANKS to her though for coming two weeks in a row to work on the room.
I have to get the mobile together for the crib. I washed two loads of sheets, blankets, socks, onesies, a couple outfits, receiving blankets, lap pads, bibs, and sleeper to get ready. We have a lot of clothes so I will only take tags off as we go just in case she won't get to wear all of them. I rather exchange for large sizes to get some use out of them.
Today I had a surprise shower given by my co-workers. It was very nice. I was very surprised. I didn't even suspect a thing, see anything suspicious in the morning or anything! Although I walked in on it about 3-5 minutes too early, it still was a shock, haha. We received a Babies R Us gift card that will be put to good use for the odds and ends we still need and diapers and more diapers!!! =)
I'll post again on Tuesday evening to update on my OB appt. and next sono appt. That'll put us 1 day away from 35 weeks. Hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving and good luck in the shopping crowds. I haven't decided if I even feel like venturing out but I know one thing... it won't be at 5 am.
Also, the Kennedy Krieger Festival of Trees is taking place at the fairgrounds and it's very nice event for children and even adults. Visit Friday, Sat or Sunday and support the Institute. We'll be there bright and early on Saturday morning for the Employee Appreciation Event with Jay's parents and niece.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

An Ode to Aunt Jennie

This post is dedicated to the lovely woman who does my ultrasound scans every two weeks. She wanted to make sure she is recognized for her work, 3D pictures and patience with patients, lol. Okay, so maybe the first two are correct but those who see her facebook status updates while at work know the third is NOT! The Cox family would like to thank her for all the great pictures and scans. As for today's scan, we are still remaining stable. The vent size has increased about 1 mm since two weeks ago but she has also grown too 2 weeks worth so that's what the docs estimate will happen. We are happy with that and her head continues to measure the same. I had an OB appt. yesterday and asked the doc about a vaginal birth and she doesn't see why it can't happen as long as her head remains within normal limits. I emailed our neurosurg about this question too but I'm waiting for a reply. I just wanted figure out what I should expect. I also asked him what week is he pushing for as I would like to get prepared. The sono machine measurements estimate her weighing about 4 pounds 9 ounces but that's just a rough estimate. She is practicing her breathing Aunt Jennie pointed out so she is at least doing some work in there instead of being lazy, =). She probably knows her mom is all about productivity!

Our next OB visit is Monday, Nov. 30th and sono is Tuesday, Dec. 1st. That sono will put me 1 day away from 35 weeks. That's probably the time I will start to panic as it's almost time for her to come out then. Help me!

We finished the painting in her room and Stacie has started painting the wall decorations to match the theme (Luv Bug) which are very cute. I only have pictures of the plain walls to post right now. I'll post some decoration pictures soon.
All the furniture is together. The crib mattress came in. The window blind is up. Most baby shower gifts are put away. I have a lot of laundry to get around to soon. We have a couple more items to pick up at Babies R Us to get ready and then I think we are good to go.

Thanks for the continued concern, support and prayers as I'm still as worried as ever about this whole thing. As much as stable vents and head growth sounds fantastic, it still doesn't mean everything is fine. The unknown is very scary still and constantly on my mind.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Baby Shower

No updates on baby right now but I wanted to post some pictures of our baby shower we had this past weekend. I'd have to say it was a success and we have to thank our parents, grandparents, family and friends who helped put the entire shower together. It was very nice and thoughtful to help us on our way. Not too much longer. I turn 32 weeks tomorrow (8 months) and I'm really feeling this belly pop out... it might not be a big belly but it sure feels like to me and my skin that doesn't feel it can stretch anymore! I guess the plus about delivering early is that I don't have an extra 3 weeks (week 38-39-40) of stretching to go, hehe. She is rather active in there. Last night before I feel asleep I thought there was a party going on. The 3rd trimester tiredness has really kicked in. Some days are worse than others. Last week in the morning I thought I needed a nap already and I was only up for 1 hour so far. It was a rough drive to work and I got a full 8 hours of sleep. Someone help me once she actually gets here and I have to keep waking up for diaper changes and feedings! Back to the shower... she has lots of cute clothes that I hope she can wear before she grows out of them. I have no idea how big she'll be when she comes out and gets to come home but hopefully she hasn't out grown the newborn clothes by then since she has very cute newborn outfits! We also have a bunch of 0-3, 3-6 and 6 months clothes. Plus, I can't forget all the clothes we have picked up in the last couple months. I've tried to contain myself and limit the amount of clothes bought as I know they grow fast and never get to wear everything but sometimes it's just too hard to resist. Thanks to Jen who made the cute diaper cake at the top of the post. Very nicely done. She was just trying to out-do my diaper cake I made her. We also got a high chair, booster chair/seat (for traveling), diaper bags, boppy seat, bouncy gym, floor gym/play yard, co-sleeper for our room, diapers, wipes, tons of blankets, bath accessories, video & sound baby monitor, bottles, nipples, socks, shoes, infant toys, ninnies (nuks/pacifiers), and more that I can't remember right now. Our living room is still a diaster. Jay started putting the furniture together so I was able to put some things away or at least store them in the chest and dresser to free some floor space up. The room has been painted. I just have a couple touch ups from where some paint slipped under the trim tape and it's ready for decorations! I want her name painted on the wall but we are still nameless! I guess I'll just map out the area for her name and go from there. There are still lots of things we need to get to be prepared for baby like an infant seat and bases, video camera and stroller snap and go (fits the infant seat). The rest of things I think can wait until she is a little bigger like the regular car seat. We'll have to get those things in the next couple weeks. There should be more pictures to come but they are on different camera.
We visited the pediatricians office last night for a meet and greet with one of the docs and the medical assistants supervisor. We'll be taking her to JH Community Physicians in White Marsh which is where our primary care docs are located. It's actually right across waiting rooms. It's pretty close to home...only about 5-10 minute drive. It's a group so although we pick a primary doc for her, for sick calls, we could see anyone. I actually like groups because I feel you can get an appt. faster. I know the single doc practices are probably more personable and they probably know you and baby better but I like to make sure I can get in when I need to so I'm okay with a group practice. Some parents were there last night doing their "interviews" and had been around the Baltimore area looking already. That's not us! We'll be fine there unless an issue turns up that we need to leave and find someone else.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Almost 31 Weeks Update

There weren't really any pictures from today's sono so I put this one up that looks like she is picking her nose. Perhaps boogies in utero are a problem? Not sure =)
Things look the same, which is a plus. I always have fingers crossed for dramatic improvement but we are both happy with stable vents, which means no increasing. Head size is fine as well. We'll measure her growth next sono Jen said.
Next sono scheduled for two weeks, Nov. 17th. Next OB appt. Nov. 16th. That'll put me a day before 33 weeks (for the sono).
At this weeks OB appt. I brought up my numbness issue and there wasn't much to go on besides it's most likely not a big issue. It's actually felt alright today but I think probably toward the end of the day, gravity starts to take its toll on the muscle that attaches to the rib cage. Either way, it's bothering me right now and it's uncomfortable.
Jay is upstairs painting right now. We picked out two colors that fit perfectly with the bedding and perfectly together until we got both colors on the walls. Unfortunately, I'll be returning back to Home Depot this evening to buy another gallon of paint hoping we get the right color. I hate to be wasteful and waste money of course but I just can't keep this one shade of purple on the wall. It's not cute at all!