Tuesday, November 17, 2009

An Ode to Aunt Jennie

This post is dedicated to the lovely woman who does my ultrasound scans every two weeks. She wanted to make sure she is recognized for her work, 3D pictures and patience with patients, lol. Okay, so maybe the first two are correct but those who see her facebook status updates while at work know the third is NOT! The Cox family would like to thank her for all the great pictures and scans. As for today's scan, we are still remaining stable. The vent size has increased about 1 mm since two weeks ago but she has also grown too 2 weeks worth so that's what the docs estimate will happen. We are happy with that and her head continues to measure the same. I had an OB appt. yesterday and asked the doc about a vaginal birth and she doesn't see why it can't happen as long as her head remains within normal limits. I emailed our neurosurg about this question too but I'm waiting for a reply. I just wanted figure out what I should expect. I also asked him what week is he pushing for as I would like to get prepared. The sono machine measurements estimate her weighing about 4 pounds 9 ounces but that's just a rough estimate. She is practicing her breathing Aunt Jennie pointed out so she is at least doing some work in there instead of being lazy, =). She probably knows her mom is all about productivity!

Our next OB visit is Monday, Nov. 30th and sono is Tuesday, Dec. 1st. That sono will put me 1 day away from 35 weeks. That's probably the time I will start to panic as it's almost time for her to come out then. Help me!

We finished the painting in her room and Stacie has started painting the wall decorations to match the theme (Luv Bug) which are very cute. I only have pictures of the plain walls to post right now. I'll post some decoration pictures soon.
All the furniture is together. The crib mattress came in. The window blind is up. Most baby shower gifts are put away. I have a lot of laundry to get around to soon. We have a couple more items to pick up at Babies R Us to get ready and then I think we are good to go.

Thanks for the continued concern, support and prayers as I'm still as worried as ever about this whole thing. As much as stable vents and head growth sounds fantastic, it still doesn't mean everything is fine. The unknown is very scary still and constantly on my mind.


  1. Maintained ventricle sizes do feel good to hear about but I understand how it still does not take away the worry. It is super news and I feel glad to read about that.

    And her nursery is lovely. I can't wait to see the completed design.

  2. The pictures are great,she still looks like her Mommy. The nursery is coming along nicely, she will be very happy in such a wonderful room. I sure wish she had a name.
    Looking forward to the next update.

  3. I love the nursery!!! I love the colors!! You did a great job!!

  4. Glad to hear everything is remaining stable, and that you may be able to have a vaginal delivery. No mom wants a c-section! I can't believe she is so close to being out (sounds like she's in jail LOL). I can't wait to see her. Keep the posts coming!

  5. I'm so glad to hear things are still looking up! We can't wait to meet her and I'm sure Jake and Harley can't wait either :-)

    Kelly and Steve

  6. Iam going through the same thing. I am 36 weeks thursday and was told that my baby had large ventricles at 22 weeks. His currant measurements are 17mm on each side. I am trying to stay positive, but the unknown is very scary. I am so glad that your little one is doing good. I always say " he isnt even out yet and already has me worried".