Monday, March 7, 2011

14 months old

Sorry I am slacking in the updating from Jadyn's neurosurg appointment. I passed along the good news to some friends/family and that was the end of it. Yes, good news, thank goodness. Jadyn's fluid remains stable...still there though. No changes in head circum. so that's goood. She is developing as she should. So with all that said, we'll go back in August (2nd Tuesday) to get a head measurement and continue to keep an eye out on any signs of increased pressure. We were pretty happy with that outcome.
She had her 1 year well baby/child appointment last Monday and she checked in at 28 pounds, 11 ounces and 32.5 inches long (both are over 97 percentile, as she has been for many months). She is just a large child. Our pedi thinks she is doing great so we'll go back in two months for our 15 month appointment. Our appointments were a little behind so our 15 will actually be 16 months. She got three shots on Monday so she was not happy about that.
We went to Vegas on Wednesday night for Jay's 30th birthday present. Yes, I know.. he is a lucky guy. Of course, Jadyn got sick on Thursday. She has been diagnosed with bilateral pink eye and now strep throat. She just started on her antibiotics for strep today and eye drops were started on Friday. Guess the grandparents weren't anticipating that type of babysitting job :-)
It made for a worrisome trip but I still managed to get some fun in. The daytime weather was such a nice change to Baltimore. I didn't even gamble 1 penny... isn't that crazy? I did manage to find 22 cents on the ground throughout the 4 day trip so I feel like I was in the green, LOL!!!
I can't even believe it's March already. It's really, really crazy.
We booked a vacation to Georgia in May to visit my aunt and her family. We are looking forward to it but not the plane ride with Jadyn. It should be rather interesting trying to get her to sit still for 2 hours while on an airplane. She isn't into cartoons really so I don't even know what to do. I guess feed her cheerios for 2 hours and hope that works?!?!
That's about it since I last posted about Jadyn's MRI. No news is good news to me but doesn't make for anything interesting, lol.
Happy St. Patty's Day, soon.