Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Almost 31 Weeks Update

There weren't really any pictures from today's sono so I put this one up that looks like she is picking her nose. Perhaps boogies in utero are a problem? Not sure =)
Things look the same, which is a plus. I always have fingers crossed for dramatic improvement but we are both happy with stable vents, which means no increasing. Head size is fine as well. We'll measure her growth next sono Jen said.
Next sono scheduled for two weeks, Nov. 17th. Next OB appt. Nov. 16th. That'll put me a day before 33 weeks (for the sono).
At this weeks OB appt. I brought up my numbness issue and there wasn't much to go on besides it's most likely not a big issue. It's actually felt alright today but I think probably toward the end of the day, gravity starts to take its toll on the muscle that attaches to the rib cage. Either way, it's bothering me right now and it's uncomfortable.
Jay is upstairs painting right now. We picked out two colors that fit perfectly with the bedding and perfectly together until we got both colors on the walls. Unfortunately, I'll be returning back to Home Depot this evening to buy another gallon of paint hoping we get the right color. I hate to be wasteful and waste money of course but I just can't keep this one shade of purple on the wall. It's not cute at all!

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  1. She is already so cute. Best wishes and God Bless