Sunday, January 24, 2010

Week 3

Not too much has changed around the Cox household. We are just chugging along at Jadyn's pace... it's her world and we just live in it, =). Last night she slept in about two 4 hour increments which was awesome although she was down in the living room with her dad and I was up in bed so either way was fine with me. I'm still breast feeding (hanging in there!) so instead of her coming up, I just woke up when she was ready to eat, Jay gave her a bottle of pumped milk and I pumped then too. It's a lot easier and faster to just wake up, pump and go back to sleep than to burp, change a diaper, get her back to sleep, etc... It's been nice the last two nights as we have done that but poor Jay either doesn't sleep or sleeps on the couch. I'm sure we won't be doing that too long but it's been nice while it lasted.
Of course I included some pictures of the kiddo. She is such a cutie! These were taken within the last couple days. I've been trying to catch a smile. She is starting to smile a little while awake but most of her smiles happen right after she gets done eating and has fallen asleep. She is doing well... working on her head control and everything else newborns do.

We have our follow up appointment with Neurosurg on Feb. 16th. We'll have a head sono through her top fontanel at 8 am and the appt. with the doc at 10:15. I know when it gets closer I'll start becoming a basket of nerves just because we feel she is doing so well and there is no sign of increased pressure in her head, right now. I'm just worried the head sono will tell otherwise. I had Jay measure her head circumference the other day because it had been awhile since it was checked at the pediatrician's office. It was the same, ;-) but that's me being paranoid. I'll be the crazy mom on the playground with her measuring tape following her around.

Jadyn made her first mini-road trip on Monday. We went to Potomac Mills in Va. for a day of shopping and her dad was so thrilled about going. I don't recommend going if you live near Arundel Mills here in Baltimore/AA Co. The only plus about the mall was the Coach Factory Outlet and my new pink coach purse, lol. Other than that, it had just about everything else I'd shop at Arundel Mills. It was nice to get out though... although I was exhausted at the end of the day from walking.

That's about it for us. She is ready to eat so I must go!

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