Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy July

We can't even believe it's going to be July on Thursday. Where did June go? Holy Cow! Jadyn turns 6 months on Wednesday, June 30th. 1/2 year has gone by that quick. Before I know it she'll be walking into pre-K! Whew... I'm getting old as well. I turn 30 years old on July 8th and although I'm not dreading the fact that it's 30 this year... I am dreading the all around fact that I'm getting older and time isn't slowing down. 1 week before Jadyn turned 5 months she started rolling and about 1 week or so before 6 months she is sitting up on her own. It's great. It seemed to happen overnight. She is doing a great job with it and rarely needs assistance. She does pretty good catching herself but she isn't 100 percent stable so she is always has someone very close by, if not right behind her. She is still sleeping in the co-sleeper next to me and I KNOW I need to get her out of it but it's just so hard. I'm just dreading getting up in the middle of the night for a pacifier run or whatever. Her dear father could sleep through a natural disaster right in the bedroom. I sometimes can sleep through a lot but when it comes to Jadyn making noises or waking up, I seem to wake right up. We have a lovely video monitor we received at our baby shower so I'm hoping it'll do the trick for us overnight. I had plans on getting her out of the co-sleeper last week but that never happened. I read though that technically she can stay it in until she starts pulling up and standing. I believe we have a little while on that.

As of tomorrow, it starts my 1 week count down to our next neurosurg appointment/head scan. I'm very very freaked out on this one. I just feel that surgery is approaching soon and sooner or later it's not going to be "see ya next time" response from the doc. I also get this feeling from our previous appointment where the fluid slightly increased. Ugh... I have nothing else to even say about it. I know there are MANY other things to worry about and MANY other issues that are a greater concern that people are going through... I just try to think of that. PLUS, I also try to think about how well Jadyn is developing compared to what could have been....

So anyway, it'd been awhile since I posted so I wanted to share these pictures and post an update. Hope everyone have a great holiday weekend. We are really looking foward to it. Jadyn has all her red, white and blue clothes washed and ready for wear.

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  1. I am glad Jadyn is doing so well. She is darling. I wish you the best at the next neuro appointment. I hope it goes well. Let us know if we can help with anything.