Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We have a swimmer!

We have a swimmer ladies and gentlemen. Jadyn's first trip in the pool was Memorial Day at her Nana's house (Mrs. Tina her sitter). She had a ball in the water. I figured she would like it from her enjoyment in the bathtub. She was kicking and trying to swim. Above is one of my new fav pictures. She is such a cute little chub! I also wanted to post that we received our next neuro. and head sono appointment for July 6th... yup, Happy 4th of July to me and while we are at it... Happy 30th Birthday too! Ugh... I was hoping for the full two months which would be the end of July but for some reason they scheduled us like after 5 weeks. I'm calling on Thursday to figure out if there was an issue for late July. We might just take the July 6th. I'm hoping that either 1)things are stable and we get released toward the end of the summer or 2) if sugery does have to happen, we can get it over with before our summer vacation. I like option #1 the best but we will see. With the last increase in fluid, I have a funny feeling we might be looking at surgery sooner than later.
Well anyway, I'd like to forget about all of it until July 6th so I just wanted to post that picture. We'd also like to give a shout out to the Aunts of our family and say Happy Birthday Aunt Cindy and Auntie (Aunt Lisa). We hope they both have great birthdays this week.
Good Night!

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