Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Almost 5 Months/Neuro Appt. Update

Hi Everyone

We had Jadyn's head sono and neurosurg appt today. She did really well during her head sono. Last time she slept which was great but this time she was wide awake so I was curious how she'd do but she did fine. It's a very simple procedure of some gel on her soft spot and a small probe that just rolls over it back and forth as the sonographer takes some pictures and puts the pieces together. She was more concerned about playing with the lady's lab coat and cord than what was going on. She did very well. Based on the picture the sonographer left on the screen, I thought the fluid looks bigger on one side but for the most part, looked pretty stable. Obviously the doc has the final say. Her actual appointment went rather well. We didn't get the exciting news that the fluid went away or shrunk but we are surgery free for another 2 months so that is a plus. Her fluid has very slightly increased but there is no increased pressure in her head at all. They measure that during her sono by the pulsation in this vein. The doc explained that this time which I hadn't heard about in her previous two head sonos. Her soft spot remains soft. She is developing great and obviously eating like a little pony.

We were happy with the news but I'm a little sad that we were only released for another 2 months and our next appointment falls probably right before our beach vacation at the end of July. We are just staying positive and keeping track of everything.

As for Jadyn, she is working on rolling over. She rolled almost all the way over at Mrs. Tina's (her nanny) and today a couple times. She just needs to figure out how to move the arm that gets stuck under her body and she'll be all the way over. She loves to lay on her side now and she likes being on her belly for awhile. That's a plus. Once she gets on her belly she just kicks her legs so much I think sooner or later she is going to take off!

On aother note, Jadyn has a slight cough with some congestion that her mama passed along to her. I called out last Tuesday with a horrible, horrible head cold. I haven't called out in 2 years almost it seems. I was so ill. I knew I'd pass along something and I did. She started with a slight cough two days ago and it's gotten a little worse. She is still acting normal, eating fine and no fever so no need to worry but just keep a close eye on her.

Everyone else is doing well. Jake is being Jake.. the dog. We've had a busy May with 1 free weekend which was last week. We have another busy holiday weekend again. Since I have off on Mondays now it's not so exciting for the holiday but still nice for Jay to be off with us. We will be starting cereal on Monday. I'll take lots of pictures. I'm excited. I thought it'd be hard to wait until 5 months but I swear, the last 4 weeks have flew by, I didn't even have time to start cereal any earlier!!

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