Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jadyn's 4 Month Check Up

Jadyn's 4 month well baby check up went well. She was a gem, of course. Her length is 26 inches which is off the charts... they marked her at 97 percentile but it's just slightly past that. She is 16 pounds 12 ounces which is again off the charts at 97 percent and her head circumference is 42.5 which is 90 percentile. I measured her head the other day and only got 40 cm but I guess everyone does it slightly different but still no reason to worry right now. Dr. Lee just said she is a large child and she'll eventually slow down at some point! lol She also did some tricks with her like turning her on her tummy and she lifted her head as high as she ever has and started moving her legs back and forth like she wanted to crawl. She said based on how she is moving now.. she might be an early crawler because she is doing the moves. It was cute. She almost looked like she was swimming. She was very smiley and did really good with her two shots she had to get today. Her head is still a little wobbly but she is still working on that.

She said we can introduce rice cereal anytime between 4-6 months but she recommends trying to push it more toward 5 months rather than 4. I'm not sure what we'll end up doing but I guess for right now, we'll hold off a little longer. She technically isn't 4 months until next Friday the 30th, 1 more week.

Her head still remains a little lopsided but it's always been like that. Dr. Lee said she'll just continue to watch it but it shouldn't really be any concern.

I dressed her in a Carter 6 months outfit today and her pants are tight, ugh! Looks like we might be going through our 6 months clothes faster than we thought. I doubt they'll last through the summer at this rate, lol. Perhaps it just shrunk up a lot in the dryer?? That's what I say about my clothes.

I guess that's it. I was a rather short appointment it seemed... discussed what she is doing developmentally... any concerns... talked about eating... physical exam and then some shots.

Our neuro appt. has been pushed back 1 week so we now go on May 25th. That's out next big appointment. Already getting nervous about that one.... I have a long month ahead of me!
I'd post more pictures but I'm using our new laptop and I don't have anything saved on here. I also didn't bring the cord up to transfer the pics from my camera. I will post more soon. We have a busy month ahead of us... our only free weekend in May is the 22/23. Thank goodness for 3 day work weeks so I feel like I have some time to hang out with Jadyn and get things done around the house.
Good night!

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  1. She is doing so splendidly!! I am in awe at the great miracle she is and the beautiful choice you as parents chose to give her life! She is something amazing! I am full of praise!