Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Hi Everyone
Happy Easter to all! Hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful day with friends and family. We did.
Not much going on to post but I thought I'd share the cute Easter picture we had taken on Friday night at the Picture People. Jadyn was a doll and cooperated so well! There were many good ones but Jayson reminded me we can't buy all of them because there will many more holidays! I don't even have one picture we purchased at her 8 week session in a frame. I don't even know where to hang it and now I have her 3 month pictures done and still no room! I need to figure this out!
Time is flying. She is 13.5 weeks already and doing well. She is very smiley and interactive. My transition back to work has gone well. It seems like I never left the joint! Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday work weeks fly by like crazy. By the time it's Monday night.. it's pretty much Thursday night again. It's nice but it just shows us how fast time flies. Before we know it, it'll be time to walk her into pre-k! We certainly aren't ready for that yet!
We have our next neurosurg appointment on Tuesday, May 18th. I'm already getting nervous because I just don't know what this time will bring or the rest of the scans (if we have to keep doing this). She seems to be doing well still so that is what matters right now. She is just too cute for surgery, don't you think? ;-)
Jake wore himself out today running around at Jayson's parents for a bit and then my parents the rest of the afternoon/early evening. He had a good time and has been passed out since we got home. Jadyn had a couple cat naps so of course she passed out in the car ride home. I'm hoping she sleeps through the night. It's really late so I should be in bed already to get the most sleep. She started sleeping mostly through the night on Jay's birthday, March 24th. It was great! She has an off day here or there and wakes up around 2-3 to eat but she usually goes through until 5 am. Jay goes to work tomorrow but I have one more day. Mondays are usually catch up day from what I didn't do over the weekend. I get laundry done and some cleaning but mostly just hang out with my girl. I get everything ready for the three 10 hour shifts ahead of me too.
Jadyn received WAY too many Easter presents today but we are thankful for all of them. Lots of cute things like sunglasses, hats, stuffed bunnies, outfits, diapers, rice cereal (yes, we start next month!), and more. Me and Jay didn't do too bad either... it was the year for Olive Garden! Jay's parents and my parents both got us gift cards to Olive Garden. We love it there but the cards can also be used for Red Lobster, Long Horn or Bahama Breeze. I love not cooking!
Welp, it's almost 11 pm which means I've missed out on 1.5 hours of sleep already. Jadyn went down at 9:30 which is when I should have went to bed too. I'll be sorry tomorrow! It's going to be a lovely day in Baltimore so I hope I can get out and enjoy it.
Happy Spring to everyone! =)

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  1. I love the pictures. She looks so healthy. Chantel