Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tuesday's Neuro Appt.

Hi Everyone

Good news to report...we had our follow up neurosurg appt that included a head sono that showed her fluid remained stable since last scan 4 weeks ago so the doc is happy with that and released us until the middle of May, which is 2 months from now.
I started back to work on Monday. I was able to work out a nice schedule that allowed me to stay home two days extra a week and only work 3 days. I work 10 hour shifts now to equal 30 hours a week. Of course it's a pay cut so I've gotta pinch those pennies harder but it's worth it. We'll manage. It actually hasn't been too bad and I didn't even cry dropping her off Monday morning. However, by 10 am I was ready to quit the whole work thing and pick her up. Someone has to pay the bills!
Jadyn is doing great. She is getting so strong and she has completely transitioned off breast milk onto formula full time now. I have to say although they say the breast is the best, it's really hard work and I'm happy I finally decided to stop. She received breast milk for about 9.5 weeks which I think is pretty decent. Better than nothing!
She is full of smiles and is pretty interactive when you get her at a good moment. She has major breakdowns though when she is hungry or sleepy. She certainly needs a good snooze during the day to keep her going.
Not too much other stuff to news is good news I guess. Enjoy the new pic. I love it. My mom snapped it on her phone camera. It's one of my new favorites.
I'm so happy to be off work tomorrow. It's going to be a beautiful weekend and I'm going to see if Jadyn will sit properly in her new jogging stroller we purchased of craigslist for a sweet deal. I sure do hope it works out this early because Momma is packing on the pounds. I was very lucky to lose all the baby weight so fast, so quick but it's piling back on. Yuck!
Talk to you soon!


  1. I am so glad she is doing well. I have been thinking of you and your family a lot. I pray things continue to go well. Chantel K

  2. Hi,

    I found your blog through We just met with Dr. Ahn from Johns Hopkins as well! We had a fetal MRI done at 20 weeks and it was better than expected, only mild prominence of the fourth ventricle and cisterna magna. I would love to talk to you and see what happened on your journey and how your little girl is doing now. i am very worried and I don't think I can relax during this pregnancy. my email is