Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Professional Picture

Happy 9 Weeks to Jadyn. Where has the time gone? Of course, I'm stewing over maternity leave coming to a close. I still have 1 week and 2 business days left, lol. We had professional pictures done...well from the Picture People.. they aren't super professional but we didn't get them done with the timer on my digital camera =). Jadyn usually is super smiley but she had just fallen asleep on the way to the mall and I had to wake her up for pictures. I even fed her midway through the photo session to put a little pep in her but that didn't work too much so we got some good serious shots. The one picture where it looks she is doing a swing dance or the cabbage patch dance she was a little bubbly but that's about it. Overall we liked them and of course I ended up having to have more than just the free picture we went in for. That's how they get parents!!!

We still have our neurosurg appt. two weeks from yesterday. That's another event I'm counting down. I've researched some more into the non-shunt procedure called an ETV and emailed our JHH doc about it. He is happy to do the procedure when it's time for surgery and thinks based on Jadyn's slow increase in fluid, she has some way of circulating CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) so this just might do the trick with a shunt being the back up procedure. We are pretty happy for that. We'd love to be shunt free. It's just another worry off my mind.
Enjoy the new pics. I wrap this small update listening to my daughter know what that means!

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