Thursday, November 4, 2010

10 months old

I haven't wrote in a while so I figured I'd update while I "have time." It's about 10:38 pm on Thursday night and I really should be in bed but it's a mad rush to do everything I wanted to do after Jadyn goes to bed for the night. I end up staying up way too late and being tired the next day. I'm not sure if it's worth it but I can say I did get a couple things done that was a plus.
Jadyn is doing so well. She is trucking along.... She will walk with you if you stand behind her and hold her hands. I say "one, two" and she moves her right and the left and we continue. She is standing on her own for a couple seconds which is cute. Last night you could see in her face and body that she wanted to take a step forward but seemed like she wasn't sure about it so she just fell back on her butt. That's usually what happens. Lots of times she will control herself to a sitting position. We catch her all the time playing with her toys or music table without holding on to anything. She is already into everything so I'm not pushing the walking just yet.
She has some badness in her though. Don't let the smile fool you. She loves Jake's food and water bowl. She goes after it all the time even after being told NO ALL THE TIME. She even gets yelled at and cries but continues to go back 5 minutes later. I'm not sure why she can't get it! LOL After so many trips chasing her, we finally put up the gate that separates the kitchen from the living room. It's not worth my time or energy to keep getting up and bringing her back to the living room. So, for now... three gates on the main floor, hehe.
Jadyn's 9 month neurosurg appointment was rescheduled and then again rescheduled. It's finally approaching on Tuesday and I'm a nervous wreck. Yes, I'm like this every single time but it's my duty to worry. I was a little relieved last time because Jayson took her and I didn't have to sit through the sono and wait the 2 hours before the appointment. I had no excuse not to go this time so I have to. Perhaps anti anxiety pills will be in my future :-)
Her 9 month well baby visit went well. She is growing like a weed. I can't remember if I posted something on this but she was off the charts for weight and length. She is big! The doc classified her as an average 21 month old at 9 months old, lol. Crazy!
She got her first tennis shoes. These were a must because she doesn't like to leave socks on. I needed to get something to keep the socks on during the cold so these seem to be helping. On another note... cold... it's turned cold here in Baltimore and I am not loving it. I feel like summer left so fast and winter weather is here already. I'm not sure where Fall went but it's over!
We did get some weekends to enjoy the weather and the pumpkin farms. We visited Weber's and North Run with the Durbin's two weeks in a row. It was nice. We took lots of pictures. Jadyn seemed to have a good time. Her favorite things were the wood scenes that you put your head through the hole. I have no idea why she loved them... but she did. Hey, whatever floats your boat.
Halloween has came and went. Jadyn dressed up like a Lady Bug. It was a very cute and simple outfit. Next year we'll get a little more extravgant. This year we just visited family for pictures.
I can't believe Thanksgiving and the Christmas season is around the corner. I know, everyone says time flies but it REALLY does.
Good news to report on babies... our friend Lori (co-worker too) had a litle baby girl on Halloween and our friend Kelly (and Steve) had a little baby girl yesterday, November 3rd. Jadyn has more friends on the way too. Congrats to them!
No more teeth since the last time I posted. I keep feeling for uppers but nothing yet. My new plan is the figure out how I can teach Jadyn to drink from a straw. I bought sippy cups with straws. Jadyn hasn't mastered the art of tilting her head back to get the milk/water out of the bottle or sippy cups so I thought a straw might be better but then I couldn't think of how I would teach a 10 month old to suck this straw, lol. We'll work on it.
We booked Jay's new FOP lodge for Jadyn's 1st birthday bash. We have to have it on New Year's Day evening but it's a Saturday evening so it'll work out. I can't even believe two months and she'll be 1. Are you freaking kidding me?? 1 year old. I was just pregnant. No wait.. I don't even remember being pregnant it seems so long ago, lol.
I've rambled enough. Please keep Jadyn in your prayers for a great appointment on Tuesday. Include me too for my sanity. :-) Enjoy the pictures

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