Thursday, January 27, 2011

1st MRI

HI Everyone
Jadyn's sedated MRI was yesterday, Wednesday and it went well. She was sedated with an oral medication and did not need an IV, which was great. It took a bit to get her to sleep finally because she wanted to explore the MRI suite but she finally passed out and we got breakfast during her scan. We took her home where she slept on and off most of the day. Today she was back to normal.
Now the wait comes... our follow up neurosurg appointment isn't until Tuesday, Feb 1st so it's a LONG time from now. I'm trying not to worry about it. Jadyn is doing great. She started walking on her birthday and has taken off from there. I keep track of those milestones considering her brain issue of course. She is doing awesome though. We couldn't ask for more :-). I also did a very good job not measuring her head every month. I took a two month break. I measured it at 12.5 months and it was slightly above 97 where it was back in November so we seem to be on the same track.
Jadyn switched to whole milk about a week after her birthday. It wasn't an easy transition but now she drinks it down in one gulp. She is such a good eat and good drinker. I'm dreading when the doctor tells us we have to start weaning from the bottle. She LOVES the bottle. She gets excited when she sees it. She always has! She likes to eat.. who can blame the child?!?!?!
We had a nice vacation but it was too long without Jadyn. It was nice to sleep in, hang out together and have someone else cook but we missed our little lady. I was happy to be home plus the weather wasn't great so it wasn't totally horrible coming home. Although we did come back to Baltimore with snow on the ground and another round coming for us. We also came back to watch the Raven's totally lose it to the Steelers. What a let down!
Anyway, keep Jadyn (and her parents sanity) in your prayers for good news on Tuesday. I'd LOVE to be released from the neurosurg for more than 2-3 months at a time. It'd be wonderful.
It's time for bed so I'll try to get a birthday picture on here sometime this weekend.

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