Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jadyn had her 6 month follow up neurosurg appointment yesterday and it didn’t turn out as well as we liked but continue reading… it gets better. J
The doc’s Physician’s Assistant came in to check Jadyn out… measure her head and check on her development. She measured accurately (going off of previous measurements) and put it on the growth chart. She then asked us some questions… played around with Jadyn and that was it. Dr. Ahn then came in and said Jadyn’s head continues to grow bigger and there is a jump so he thinks we should get another MRI after her 2nd birthday. After he said this I was floored and just couldn’t understand how it could be. I keep very good track of her head growth and we were just at the pediatrician a month ago and it was fine. I’m not sure why I didn’t question his word “jump” but I didn’t. I just wanted to get out of there and look at my own growth chart. So, I did just that. Jayson took off with Jadyn and I went back to work and plotted this growth. It was NORMAL. There was no jump. It was on the same 97 % line it had been for over a year. I ended up emailing him asking him to double check the chart because I believe there was an error. So, after waiting 24 hours hoping there would be a change…. Ahhhh, I got a reply. He said it was doubled checked and I was correct (YES!). So, there will NO sedated MRI at 2 years but just a regular checkup. Thank goodness! We’ll go back sometime in January probably for another clinic visit. Hopefully everything stays the same… or grows accordingly J

We went on our family vacation to the beach last week. I can say it was anything but relaxing, lol. I guess that comes with having a 19 month old. However, it was nice to be away from home and work for a week and enjoy our time together. Jadyn wasn’t quite a fan of the sand for the first 20 minutes on Saturday and again on Sunday but warmed up to it and even decided to have it for lunch one day J I should have taken a picture of her shovel of sand going in her mouth a couple times but I missed it. She loved to be on the beach with her buddy, Bryce. She now won’t stop saying his name so she must have had a LOT of fun with him, lol. Jay and I got to sneak in some fun too thanks to the grandparents help a few times.

Thanks for checking in.

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  1. She is an absolute doll! So glad to see how well she is doing and that her vents are stable :)