Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas, Christmas, time for broke bones :-(

The Cox Family Christmas Picture
Well now... just after I sealed my last Christmas card with our annual newsletter Jadyn went and broke her right wrist. Of course she is showing preference to her right arm too. It would figure! Nothing goes truly smoothly in the Cox household but... as I look at it... there is MUCH worse that can happen so I'll gladly take a broken wrist and cast for 3 weeks compared to anything else we could have been given. I guess that's always one way to look at things that happen. :-) I'm not usually a positive thinker but sometimes I surprise myself, hehe.
So yes, Jadyn has a small buckle fracture on her right wrist that happened at our friend's house on Sunday during the Raven's game. No one really know what happened since it was just Jadyn and little boy in the room. We'll never know. We didn't know right away the issue but once she woke up from her nap and wouldn't use her right arm and cried every time she did try to use it... we rushed off to Patient First and the x-ray confirmed it. Thankfully we got a quick appointment on Tuesday for casting. We go on January 3rd to get it removed and I PRAY it's healed. The doctor seems to think 2 weeks could do the trick but just did 3 to be safe. What a Christmas, birthday and new years, huh? That's our girl... always keeping it lively!
She has done very well with her cast though. We spent 2 days in a split which was only a board and ace wrap. That wasn't flying with her. She pulled it off 5 times in a matter of like 3 hours. On Monday she only pulled it off 2 times. She did get during the casting procedure but we had to wait over an hour to be seen which was the pits.
I had to cancel her lovely bounce birthday party scheduled on 12/31. We rescheduled through for later in January. We'll just have a small gathering of family members on her actual birthday, 30th. At least this way she can spread her birthday present out :-)
I've been really bad with updating since over the summer but there just wasn't much to say. Jadyn has started talking very well. She is putting lots of words together and most of it makes sense. Her love is Elmo but she is now also loving Caillou and the Wiggles. Ugh, the Wiggles just started two weekends ago. I'm not sure where they came from but I'd love for them to go back there! Something just isn't right about 4 grown men acting like that, lol. However, for the money they make... I'd probably do it too.
I should be in bed but that's the story of my life these days. I guess pushing her birthday party back was a blessing in disguise. It's been really busy around here esp. with Christmas coming so very soon. I started talking some cake classes that I had been meaning to do for a very long time. I took Wilton Course 1 in November on the weekends and then I am finishing up my Wilton Course 2 on Saturday. I'll start another in January if the schedule permits with our busy January schedule. We have birthday parties almost every weekend in January so I'm not sure I'll be able to fit the course in just yet. I do plan on continuing though. It's good practice and new learning too. I made LOTS of good ol' DQ cakes in my day but regular cakes are a little different.
Jadyn's birthday is Elmo themed since that is what she loved a few months ago. She still likes him though so that's good. I sure hope so since all her birthday presents from Mommy and Daddy have Elmo on them!
I can't even believe it's 1 week away from Christmas almost. I even rescheduled Jadyn's 2nd year pedi appointment because I was worried her 2 year shots would cause issues for her party. It's already rescheduled for early January but too bad I can't get that appointment back! She was 35.6 pounds at Patient First on Sunday. But... she also was fully dressed, tennis shoes and sweat jacket on too. I'd estimate around 34 or so pounds which is why I can't really lug her around anymore. Jay even struggles... but he won't tell you that. The casting doc thought for sure she was 3-4 years old. He was very taken back. I'm not sure how she got so big... but.. she is.
She has a new found love for "choc-it" which is chocolate. Mom-Mom Troxell bought her an advent calendar and we decided to go ahead and let her have the 1 piece of chocolate each day. She LOVES it... but really, who doesn't? She asks for it usually during breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's hard to explain to a 23 month old that she only gets 1 piece her day, lol. Might as well talk to Jake!
We branched out this year and got professional photographs taken through a deal on those discounted websites. They didn't turn out excatly as I wanted them too but we got a few really good shots. If anyone gets a christmas card from us... two of the pictures were used for the card. Thank goodness Christmas and Birthday pictures were over before the Raven's Purple Cast came about! The pictures I'll post are from my iphone so they aren't great but you'll get the idea of Jadyn wearing a cast (hold that thought-it's not working on this computer so I'll try tomorrow).
Jadyn was a monkey for Halloween. The outfit fit her perfect since she sometimes acts half monkey and crazy. She was really cute. Thanksgiving was here before we knew it and now it's December 16th to be exact! I'm almost finished shopping. I have a like 2 things to get and that's it! I'm very excited to NOT be shopping the week of Christmas this year. It's a big improvement from last year.
I guess that's about it in the past couple months. I'll post after Jadyn's cast removal and her 2 year pedi appointment. We have no neurosurg appointment yet for after 2 year follow up. I'm not really seeking it out either :-)
Happy Holidays. Enjoy the time with your friends and family.
Go Ravens

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