Monday, October 19, 2009

Chubby Cheeks

So, she is chubby and slightly uncooperative for her pictures but it's okay. I had a sono today compliments of Aunt Jennie. She didn't give us worse news so we'll keep her around until next time. Actually, she gave us pretty decent news. Her vents are stable, yay! It's been a little over 2 weeks since I was last scanned. Oct 1st to be exact. It's now 19 days later and we are holding around 21 mm I believe was the measurement. That's a slight decrease but it's all just a slight movement of the mouse but it's stable so that is what is good. I do believe her head might have increased a couple days but nothing to worry about. We are still in the normal range for that. As for her weight, well... she is a little big. Pushed past the 3 pound mark already but I can't remember exactly what Dr. Henderson told me. Jen might be able to chime in and refresh my memory. I have no idea how the chic has picked up so much weight since I've only gained about 10 pound or so the entire pregnancy but she has. As you can see, she holds most of her weight in her cheeks, lol. I'll be 29 weeks on Wednesday. Dr. Henderson would like to hold off for delivery at least 36-37 and I am fine with that. Although she already knows Dr. Ahn is pushing for something much earlier. I'll let them battle it out and I'll just show up when they tell me to. I have a repeat sono in two weeks which will now be my regular routine. Be on the look out for another update on Tuesday evening Nov. 3rd. I hope to continue to have good news to post that evening too!
As for us, we are going on vacation leaving Friday for 1 entire week! Yay! I think I might have mentioned something about it but I am not sure. I'll talk about it again though. We are heading to Key West where there is sunshine, water, and warm weather. Most of you know our vacation plans had to be cancelled the beginning of September because of all the doctors appointments we had to take care of. I was worried I wouldn't be able to get in a vacation because of the craziness going on at work but I am able to so I'm so thankful for that. It'll be nuts trying to catch up when I return but at least I'll be refreshed. There are no direct flights into Key West by Airtrain yet (Dec they start!) so we are flying into Miami and driving into Key West. I'm also fine with that!
My mom found my bedding set at Sears and it was so much cheaper than Baby Depot and Amazon. We'll get to paint sooner than expected but still not until we return from vacation. Well, I guess I can say Jay will get to paint sooner than expected. Sears doesn't carry many accessories so I kept a few things on the registry but at least the big item is out of the way. It's very cute and hopefully she likes purple!
Other than that... I guess I'm out of updates. It's 7:30 p.m. and I already completed 8.5 hours of work today but I had to bring some things home with me to finish up on. It's the life of the Employee Health Nurse during flu and PPD season with added chaos of H1N1.


  1. Good News Casey I will keep praying for all of you... DeAnn Colbys mom

  2. Aunt Jennie chiming in haha..our chunky Baby girl weighed 3 lbs 1 oz :)

  3. that is soooo cute!!! i love the cheeks!!