Sunday, October 18, 2009

Progress in the Making

It's been a rather productive week and weekend so far. Last Tuesday night we started clearing out her room. Yes, just her as no name as been discussed. I guess that is so permanent that neither one of us has brought it up. We'll concentrate on the easy things right now. We didn't have too much in the room we designated as hers. It was Jay's old bedroom stuff from his parents house. We cleared out his dresser and another small dresser and gave it away to friends. We'll be giving Jay's parents the bed as they would like to down grade from a king to a queen. Yesterday Jay and I spent the majority of the day rearranging clothes and getting rid of some too. We both had to part with a couple memories and things we didn't want to throw away but you can really ONLY keep so much of that stuff. I had tons of stuff that I brought from my parents house 3 years ago and I just keep moving but never using. The trash men will love us tomorrow morning.
Cleaning out her closet was a big job as we didn't know where in the world all our clothes would go. After pulling out summer clothes and getting rid of some clothes too, we managed to get everything either into drawers or closets and not leaving anything except wedding/bridesmaids dresses in her closet (and 1 luggage set!). I still don't know what I'll do with them but I'm not too concerned right now.
We ordered her furniture off JC Penny website and a glider from Walmart. I sat in the most comfortable gliders at Babies R Us however, they were a little pricey. We went with a smaller version that had 3-4 stars at Walmart. It also matches the wood in her furniture. Hopefully it'll hold up and get the job done. And most of you know my motto...if it doesn't work or do the trick.. return it!
We won't paint until we get the bedding set since I'm rather particular and the paint has to match the bedding exactly. My girlfriend from work said she'd paint some decorations on the walls. I hope she remembers saying this because I'm holding her to her word, hehe. Thanks Stacie, in advance!!
On another note... I thought she would trying to get out last night. Now, she is really active at times... like every single night I lay down to sleep she decides it's time to wake up. She kicks and does whatever it is babies do in there but I had never experienced this... I was sitting on the couch last night watching TV in a strange kind of half crooked position, leaning back and I just happened to look down at the same time my whole entire stomach poked out. Jay was getting ready to walk into the kitchen for a snack but I stopped him and said "OMG, did you see that? Did you see that?" He said no, but he waited and within 10 seconds later, my whole entire stomach pushed over to the left, through my tank top and fleece top. It was the freakiest thing I'd ever seen. I immediately moved positions and stopped watching as it was rather strange... like the Friday 13th movie where the teenagers are inside Freddy's torso screaming and scratching to get out, lol. Just thought I'd share.
As for the rest of the weekend, I have to figure out how to fill out FMLA/STD paperwork for Human Resources. You would think with a masters degree I'd understand forms but this looks like it's written in a foreign language. It's a little hard to fill out because it keeps talking about the illness/injury, where you were first treated, who treated you, when can you work again, did you work a full day the day of the injury, lol. I'm like I don't really know when the "injury" happened... it was sometime in mid-April and I can't really say if I worked that day either! LOL Anyway, silly questions for STD pregnancy.


  1. haha, wait until you start having dreams about her hands coming out of your belly :)
    Good times! gets freakier LOL

  2. :) Glad you created this blog! I hardly ever see you so this will keep me updated! It was good to see you guys out Saturday night.